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Genus information

Plesiothrips Hood, 1915: 129. Type species Sericothrips perplexa Beach 1897, by monotypy.

Ornothrips Ananthakrishnan, 1965: 17. Type species Thrips panicus Moulton 1929 (=Plesiothrips perplexus), by original designation. Synonym by Ananthakrishnan, 1969.

Biology and Distribution

Neotropical in origin, on Poaceae


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Plesiothrips aczeli De Santis, 1959

Plesiothrips amblycauda Hood, 1925

Plesiothrips andropogoni Watts, 1934

Plesiothrips ayarsi Stannard, 1957

Plesiothrips brunneus Hood, 1936

Plesiothrips frequens (Moulton, 1938)

Plesiothrips longicollis Hood, 1954

Plesiothrips maculosus Hood, 1954

Plesiothrips octarthrus Hood, 1925

Plesiothrips pallidipennis Hood, 1957

Plesiothrips perplexus (Beach, 1896)

Plesiothrips sculpticollis Hood, 1950

Plesiothrips setiventris Hood, 1950

Plesiothrips tricolor Johansen, 1976 (1974)

Plesiothrips typhae Hood, 1940

Plesiothrips verticalis Hood, 1940

Plesiothrips williamsi Hood, 1940