Plesiothrips perplexus

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Female and male

Nomenclatural details

Sericothrips perplexus Beach, 1896: 216.

Thrips panicus Moulton, 1929: 61. Synonymised by Hood, 1957: 54.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Iowa USA (S. perplexus) and Hawaii USA from sugar cane (T. panicus).


Beach AM (1896) Contribution to a knowledge of the Thripidae of Iowa. Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Sciences 3: 214–227.

Moulton D (1929) New Thysanoptera from Cuba. Florida Entomologist 13: 61–66.

Hood JD (1957) Fifteen new Thysanoptera from the United States. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 70: 49-60.

Type information

Holotype female (T. panicus), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.