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Genus information

Orothrips Moulton, 1907: 45. Type species Orothrips kelloggi Moulton, by monotypy.

Ekplectrothrips Titschack, 1958: 4. Type species Ekplectrothrips priesneri Titschack, by monotypy. Synonymised by zur Strassen, 1989: 355.

Ecplectrothrips Titschack, 1960: 3. Invalid replacement name for Ekplectrothrips.

Biology and Distribution

Two flower-living species in western USA, one species in Mediterranean countries.


Moulton D (1907) A contribution to our knowledge of the Thysanoptera of California. Technical series, USDA Bureau of Entomology 12/3: 39–68.


Orothrips kelloggii Moulton, 1907

Orothrips priesneri (Titschack, 1958)

Orothrips yosemitii Moulton, 1911