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Genus information

Melanthrips Haliday, 1836: 450. Type species Melanthrips obesa Haliday, a synonym of M. fuscus Sulzer, by monotypy.

Orthomelanthrips Melis, 1931: 134. Type species not designated; nomen nudum.

Plagiomelanthrips Melis, 1931: 134. Type species not designated; nomen nudum.

Melanthrips (Dichropterothrips) Priesner, 1936: 51. Type species Melanthrips ficalbii Buffa.

Turkmenothrips Liskiewicz, 1961: 335. Type species Melanthrips (Turkmenothrips) helenae Liskiewicz, by monotypy. Synonymy by zur Strassen, 1980.

Biology and Distribution

Breeding in flowers and pupating in soil, mainly in Palaearctic region.

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Melanthrips acetosellae John, 1927

Melanthrips affluens Ananthakrishnan, 1966

Melanthrips arabs Priesner, 1936

Melanthrips areolatus Priesner, 1936

Melanthrips bagnalli Priesner, 1936

Melanthrips baileyi Ananthakrishnan, 1965

Melanthrips concinnus zur Strassen, 1968

Melanthrips desertorum Priesner, 1964

Melanthrips digitus Bailey, 1954

Melanthrips faurei Hood, 1937

Melanthrips ficalbii Buffa, 1907

Melanthrips fuscus Sulzer, 1776

Melanthrips gratiosus zur Strassen, 1968

Melanthrips hamedaniensis Mirab-balou, 2015

Melanthrips hei Mirab-balou & Chen, 2011

Melanthrips hispanicus Pelikan, 1977

Melanthrips indicus Bhatti, 1967

Melanthrips insulsus Bailey, 1954

Melanthrips knechteli Priesner, 1936

Melanthrips libycus Priesner, 1936

Melanthrips longisetis Priesner, 1964

Melanthrips maculipennis zur Strassen, 1968

Melanthrips matthiolae Priesner, 1936

Melanthrips morulus zur Strassen, 1968

Melanthrips nigricornis Bagnall, 1913

Melanthrips pallidior Priesner, 1919

Melanthrips paspalevi Pelikan, 1960

Melanthrips pelikani Jenser, 1993

Melanthrips rivnayi Priesner, 1936

Melanthrips separandus Priesner, 1936

Melanthrips setariae Hartwig, 1952

Melanthrips sinaiticus Priesner, 1964

Melanthrips sudanensis Priesner, 1936

Melanthrips titschacki Pelikan, 1960

Melanthrips tortus zur Strassen, 1968

Melanthrips trifasciatus Priesner, 1961

Melanthrips tristis Priesner, 1936