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Genus information

Gynaikothrips Zimmermann, 1900: 13. Type species Gynaikothrips uzeli Zimmermann, 1900, by monotypy. [The original publication involves a serious typographical error, in that uzeli is described on page 12 under a new generic name Mesothrips (together with four other species), but uzeli is illustrated on page 13 under Gynaikothrips as a new generic name.

Sauridothrips Priesner, 1953: 371. Type species Sauridothrips phlaeothripinus Priesner, 1953, by monotypy. Synonymised by Dang et al. 2014.

Aiganothrips Bhatti, 1991: 66. Type species Gynaikothrips hystrix Bagnall 1928, by monotypy. Synonymised by Mound & Tree 2021.

Biology and Distribution

An Oriental genus of gall thrips.


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Gynaikothrips abnormis Moulton, 1944

Gynaikothrips affinis Muraleedharan & Sen, 1981

Gynaikothrips armatus Moulton, 1944

Gynaikothrips australis Bagnall, 1929

Gynaikothrips bengalensis Ananthakrishnan, 1973

Gynaikothrips butcharti Bianchi, 1953

Gynaikothrips cecidii Ananthakrishnan, 1968

Gynaikothrips citricornis Moulton, 1928

Gynaikothrips claripes Moulton, 1944

Gynaikothrips esakii Takahashi, 1936

Gynaikothrips faurei Brothers, 1986

Gynaikothrips ficorum (Marchal, 1908)

Gynaikothrips flaviantennatus Moulton, 1929

Gynaikothrips flavitibia Moulton, 1929

Gynaikothrips fuscus (Moulton, 1944)

Gynaikothrips gardneri (Moulton, 1933)

Gynaikothrips hirsutus Karny, 1925

Gynaikothrips hopkinsi Bagnall, 1928

Gynaikothrips imitans Karny, 1916

Gynaikothrips imitator Ananthakrishnan, 1968

Gynaikothrips insularum Priesner, 1929

Gynaikothrips insulsus Priesner, 1939

Gynaikothrips jasmini Mound & Tree, 2021

Gynaikothrips leeuweni Karny, 1923

Gynaikothrips luzonensis Priesner, 1939

Gynaikothrips magnafemora Moulton, 1944

Gynaikothrips magnus Moulton, 1944

Gynaikothrips malabaricus Ramakrishna, 1928

Gynaikothrips microchaetus Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish, 1969

Gynaikothrips oblongus Okajima, 2006

Gynaikothrips platypodae Mound & Tree, 2021

Gynaikothrips praelongitubus Moulton, 1940

Gynaikothrips phlaeothripinus (Priesner, 1953)

Gynaikothrips rossi Sen, 1980

Gynaikothrips schefflericola Ananthakrishnan & Viswanathan, 1975

Gynaikothrips simulator Priesner, 1939

Gynaikothrips uzeli (Zimmermann, 1900)

Gynaikothrips victor Priesner, 1939