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Genus information

Gigantothrips Zimmermann, 1900: 18. Type species Gigantothrips elegans Zimmermann, 1900, by monotypy.

Panurothrips Bagnall, 1908: 208. Type species Panurothrips gracilis Bagnall (=elegans), 1908, by monotypy. Synonym by Bagnall, 1916.

Cercothrips Hood, 1919: 73-74. Type species Acanthinothrips nigrodentatus Karny by monotypy, Synonymised by Mound 1968.

Syringothrips Priesner, 1933:77. Type species Syringothrips gallicola Priesner, 1933, by monotypy. synonymised by Dang et al. 2014:32.

Biology and Distribution

Genus of gall thrips, mainly from Asia.


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Gigantothrips afer (Priesner, 1925)

Gigantothrips baculifer Priesner, 1927

Gigantothrips brevicornis (Bournier, 1969)

Gigantothrips caudatus (Bagnall, 1910)

Gigantothrips elegans Zimmermann, 1900

Gigantothrips gallicola (Priesner, 1933)

Gigantothrips gardneri Ananthakrishnan, 1960

Gigantothrips halidayi (Newman, 1856)

Gigantothrips marshalli Bagnall, 1926

Gigantothrips micrurus Bagnall, 1936

Gigantothrips modestus (Priesner, 1937)

Gigantothrips nigripes Karny, 1924

Gigantothrips nigrodentatus (Karny, 1913)

Gigantothrips ochroscelis Priesner, 1952

Gigantothrips priesneri (Pelikan, 1967)

Gigantothrips pontis (Reyes, 1996)

Gigantothrips rossi Moulton, 1947

Gigantothrips schenklingi (Karny, 1920)

Gigantothrips seshadrii (Ananthakrishnan, 1964)

Gigantothrips tibialis Bagnall, 1921

Gigantothrips vuilleti Bagnall, 1934

Gigantothrips xynos (Reyes, 1996)