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Genus information

Eremiothrips Priesner, 1950: 44. Type species Eremiothrips imitator Priesner, 1950, by monotypy.

Ascirtothrips Priesner, 1965: 252. Type species Ascirtothrips efflatouni Priesner, 1964, by original designation. Synonymised by Bhatti, 1988: 118.

Ascirtothrips (Antilopothrips) Priesner, 1965: 253. Type species Anaphothrips antilope Priesner 1923, by original designation. Synonymised by Bhatti, 1988

Biology and Distribution

From Old World Sahel region.


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Eremiothrips acutus (Bhatti, 1972)

Eremiothrips aldryhimi Rasool, Abdel-Dayem, Alattal & Aldhafer, 2021

Eremiothrips antilope (Priesner, 1923)

Eremiothrips arya (zur Strassen, 1975)

Eremiothrips bhattii Minaei, 2012

Eremiothrips brunneus (zur Strassen, 1975)

Eremiothrips dorcas (zur Strassen, 1975)

Eremiothrips dubius (Priesner, 1933)

Eremiothrips efflatouni (Priesner, 1965)

Eremiothrips eshghii Minaei, 2014

Eremiothrips farsi Bhatti & Telmadarraiy, 2003

Eremiothrips hanshanensis Zhang & Feng, 2017

Eremiothrips hudeci (Pelikan, 2002)

Eremiothrips imitator Priesner, 1950

Eremiothrips manolachei (Knechtel, 1955)

Eremiothrips negevi Ben-David 2017

Eremiothrips shirabudinensis (Yakhontov, 1929)

Eremiothrips similis Bhatti, 1988

Eremiothrips taghizadehi (zur Strassen, 1975)

Eremiothrips tamaricis (zur Strassen, 1975)

Eremiothrips unicolour Rasool, Abdel-Dayem, Alattal & Aldhafer, 2021

Eremiothrips varius (Bhatti, 1967)

Eremiothrips zurstrasseni Bhatti Bagheri & Ramezani, 2009