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Genus information

Dendrothripoides Bagnall, 1923: 624. Type species Dendrothripoides ipomoeae Bagnall, 1923, by monotypy, a junior synonym of Euthrips innoxius Karny.

Biology and Distribution

Old World tropics.


Bagnall RS (1923) Brief descriptions of new Thysanoptera. XIII. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (9)12: 624–631.


Dendrothripoides innoxius (Karny, 1914)

Dendrothripoides microchaetus Okajima, 1987

Dendrothripoides moundi Goldarazena, Matsumoto, Ranarilalatiana, Dianzinga, Frago, Michel, 2020

Dendrothripoides nakaharai Reyes, 1994

Dendrothripoides poni Kudo, 1977

Dendrothripoides venustus Faure, 1941