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Genus information

Baliothrips Uzel, 1895: 204. Type species Thrips dispar Haliday 1836, by monotypy.

Euchaetothrips Bagnall, 1916: 402. Type species Thrips kroli Schille 1910, by monotypy. Synonym by Mound, 1968.

Biology and Distribution

From Europe, on Poaceae.


Uzel H (1895) Monographie der Ordnung Thysanoptera. Königratz, Bohemia: pp. 1–472.

Bagnall RS (1916) Brief descriptions of new Thysanoptera VIII. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (8)17: 397–412.


Baliothrips dispar (Haliday, 1836)

Baliothrips kroli (Schille, 1912)

Baliothrips sunae Zhang, Wang, Li & Mound, 2018