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Genus information

Acanthothrips Uzel, 1895: 259. Type species Phloeothrips nodicornis Reuter 1880, by monotypy.

Notothrips Hood, 1933: 200. Type species Phloeothrips vittatus Hood 1912, by original designation. Synonymised by Stannard, 1957: 24.

Biology and Distribution

Fungus feeding on dead branches, mainly Holarctic, but also Neotropical.


Uzel H (1895) Monographie der Ordnung Thysanoptera. Königratz, Bohemia : . pp. 1–472.

Hood JD (1933) Notothrips folsomi, a new genus and species of Thysanoptera from the United States. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 35: 200–205.

Stannard LJ (1957) The phylogeny and classification of the North American genera of the sub-order Tubulifera (Thysanoptera). Illinois Biological Monographs 25: 1-200.


Acanthothrips albivittatus Hood, 1908

Acanthothrips albovittatus (Schille, 1911)

Acanthothrips amoenus Hood, 1949

Acanthothrips argentifer (Cott, 1956)

Acanthothrips candidus Hood, 1938

Acanthothrips folsomi Hood, 1933

Acanthothrips grandis (Karny, 1912)

Acanthothrips itzanus Stannard, 1957

Acanthothrips nodicornis (Reuter, 1880)

Acanthothrips palmi Hood, 1958

Acanthothrips perileucus Hood, 1957

Acanthothrips priesneri Johansen, 1977

Acanthothrips vittatus (Hood, 1912)