Acanthothrips nodicornis

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Nomenclatural details

Phloeothrips nodicornis Reuter, 1885: 16.

Acanthothrips doaneii Moulton, 1907: 64.

Machatothrips isshikii Ishida, 1932: 7.

Acanthothrips americanus Bagnall, 1933: 123.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Finland (P. nodicornis), Japan (M. isshkii) and USA (A. doaneii, A. americanus). Fungus feeding on dead branches.


Reuter, OM (1885) Thysanoptera Fennica I. Tubulifera. Bidrag till kännedom om Finlands natur och folk 40: 1-26.

Moulton D (1907) A contribution to our knowledge of the Thysanoptera of California. Technical series, USDA Bureau of Entomology 12/3: 39–68.

Ishida M (1932) Fauna of the Thysanoptera in Japan. Insecta matsumurana 7 1-2: 1–16.

Bagnall RS (1933) More new and little known British thrips. Entomologist's monthly Magazine 69: 120–123.

Type information

Holotype (A. doaneii), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

Holotype (M. isshkii), University of Hokkaido, Sapporo.

Lectotype (A. americanus), The Natural History Museum, London.

Syntype (P. nodicornis), Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki.