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Genus information

Zuluiella Jacot-Guillarmod, 1939: 37. Zuluiella distincta Jacot-Guillarmod, 1939, by monotypy. Synonymised with Eurythrips by Stannard, 1968: 412; re-validated by Mound, 1967: 29.

Biology and Distribution

One species only, from southern Africa.


Jacot-Guillarmod C (1939) Phlaeothripidae (Thysanoptera) new to South Africa with descriptions of new genera and species. Journal of the entomological Society of southern African 2: 36-62.

Stannard LJ (1968) The Thrips, or Thysanoptera, of Illinois. Bulletin of the Illinois Natural History Survey 29: 213-552.

Mound LA (1976) American leaf-litter Thysanoptera of the genera Erkosothrips, Eurythrips and Terthrothrips (Phlaeothripidae: Phlaeothripinae). Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History). Entomology 35: 27-64.


Zuluiella distincta Jacot-Guillarmod, 1939