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Genus information

Veerabahuthrips Ramakrishna, 1932: 277. Type species Veerabahuthrips bambusae Ramakrishna, 1932, by monotypy.

Mychiothrips Haga & Okajima, 1979: 266. Type species: Mychiothrips fruticola Haga & Okajima, by monotypy. Synonymised by Dang et al. 2014.

Biology and Distribution

The genus includes eight bamboo-associated species from Oriental region.


Ramakrishna TV (1932) A new genus and species of Thysanoptera from South India. Records of the Indian Museum 34: 277–279.

Haga K & Okajima S (1979) A new phlaeothripine genus and species (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripidae) from Japan. Annotationes zoologicae Japonensis 52: 266–271.

Dang LH, Mound LA & Qiao GX (2014) Conspectus of the Phlaeothripinae genera from China and Southeast Asia (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripidae). Zootaxa 3807: 001-082.


Veerabahuthrips bambusae Ramakrishna, 1932

Veerabahuthrips clarus Okajima, 1993

Veerabahuthrips crassipes (Okajima, 1993)

Veerabahuthrips exilis Okajima, 1993

Veerabahuthrips fruticola (Haga & Okajima, 1979)

Veerabahuthrips longicornis Okajima, 1978

Veerabahuthrips simplex Okajima, 1993

Veerabahuthrips tridentatus Okajima, 1993