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Genus information

Treherniella Watson, 1923: 81. Type species Haplothrips orlando Watson & Osborn 1919 (=synonym of Trichothrips amplipennis Morgan, 1913), by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

European, North African and South American species.


Watson JR (1923) Synopsis and catalog of the Thysanoptera of North America. Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Florida 168: 1–100.


Treherniella afra Priesner, 1935

Treherniella amplipennis (Morgan, 1913)

Treherniella atrata De Santis, 1963

Treherniella daedalus (Karny, 1912)

† Treherniella fossilis Priesner, 1929

Treherniella inferna (Priesner, 1922)