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Genus information

Trachythrips Hood, 1930: 317. Type species Trachythrips watsoni Hood, 1930, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

The genus includes species from New World in leaf litter.


Hood JD (1930) Two Urothripidae (Thysanoptera) from Florida, with keys to the known genera and the North American species. Bulletin of the Brooklyn Entomological Society 24: 314–322.

Mound LA (1972) Species complexes and the generic classification of leaf-litter thrips of the Tribe Urothripini (Phlaeothripidae). Australian Journal of Zoology 20: 83-103.


Trachythrips albipes Hood, 1933

Trachythrips astutus Cott, 1956

Trachythrips brevis Hood, 1939

Trachythrips brevitubus (Stannard, 1957)

Trachythrips deleoni Hood, 1933

Trachythrips epimeralis Hood, 1941

Trachythrips frontalis Hood, 1933

Trachythrips gracilis Hood, 1939

Trachythrips seminole Hood, 1939

Trachythrips watsoni Hood, 1930

Trachythrips wirshingi (Gaud, 1961)