Thrips vulgatissimus

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Thrips vulgatissimus Female head and pronotum [L A Mound]
Thrips vulgatissimus Female mesonotum and metanotum [L A Mound]

Nomenclatural details

Thrips vulgatissimus Haliday, 1836: 447.

Physopus pallipennis Uzel, 1895: 110.

Physopus pallipennis adusta Uzel, 1895: 110.

Taeniothrips lemanis Treherne, 1924: 87.

Taeniothrips gracilis Priesner, 1926: 298.

Taeniothrips atricornis Priesner, 1926: 298.

Taeniothrips americanus Moulton, 1929: 130.

Physothrips gentianae Bagnall, 1933: 653.

Taeniothrips tahvanus Hukkinen, 1936: 138.

Biology and Distribution

Described from England (T. vulgatissimus), Finland (T. tahvanus), British Colombia, Canada from Acer macrophyllum buds (T. lemanis), Swizerland (T. gracilis), Austria (T. atricornis), Colorado USA (T. americanus), Italy (P. gentianae) and former Czechoslovakia (P. pallipennis. P. pallipennis adusta)


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Type information

Lectotype male (T. americanus), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

Holotype female (T. lemanis), Canadian National Collection, Ottawa.