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Nomenclatural details

Physothrips simplex Morison, 1930: 12.

Taeniothrips gladioli Moulton & Steinweden, 1931: 20. Synonymy in Priesner, 1938: 525

Physothrips plurisetae Girault, 1933: 2. Synonymised by Mound & Houston, 1987: 9

Taeniothrips quinani Moulton, 1936: 506. Synonymy in Mound, 2010: 15.

Taeniothrips gladiolicola Pussard, 1946: 774. Synonymised by Titschack, 1968: 236

Biology and Distribution

Described from South Australia (P. simplex), Queensland (P. plurisetae), Canada (T. gladioli), France (T. gladiolicola) and South Africa (T. quinani).


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Type information

Holotype female (P. simplex), The Natural History Museum, London.

Holotype (T. quinani), The Natural History Museum, London.

Syntype (P. plurisetae), Queensland Museum, Brisbane.

Holotype female (T. gladioli), unknown depositary.