Thrips pini

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Nomenclatural details

Physopus pini Uzel, 1895: 125.

Taeniothrips laricivorus Kratochvil & Farsky, 1941: 233.

Biology and Distribution

Described from former Czechoslovakia (P. pini) and Switzerland. Recorded from Japan, Canada and the United States, widespread in Europe.


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Kratochvil & Farsky, (1941)[The larch thrips, Taeniothrips laricivorus n. sp., as the cause of the dying of larch shoots.] [In Czech.] Lesnicka Prace Pilsen Volume 20: pp. 233-278.

Nakahara S (1994) The genus Thrips Linnaeus (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) of the New World. Technical Bulletin. United States Department of Agriculture 1822: 1–183.

Type information