Thrips parvispinus

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Thrips parvispinus Female, mesonotum and metanotum [L A Mound]
Thrips parvispinus Female, sternites V-VII [L A Mound]

Nomenclatural details

Isoneurothrips parvispinus Karny, 1922: 106.

Isoneurothrips jenseni Karny, 1925: 7. Synonymised by Priesner, 1934.

Isoneurothrips pallipes Moulton, 1928: 296.

Thrips (Isoneurothrips) taiwanus Takahashi, 1936: 440. New name for pallipes Moulton not pallipes Bagnall.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Thailand (I. parvispinus), Sumatra, Indonesia (I. jenseni) and Taiwan (I. pallipes, T. taiwanus). Widespread in the Oriental region.


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Type information

Holotype female, Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt.

Holotype female (I. pallipes), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.