Thrips palmi

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Nomenclatural details

Thrips palmi Karny, 1925: 10.

Thrips clarus Moulton, 1928: 294. Synonymised by Nakahara, 1994: 95.

Thrips leucadophilus Priesner, 1936: 91.

Thrips gossypicola Ramakrishna & Marghabandu, 1939: 41. Nomen nudum.

Chloethrips (Mictothrips) aureus Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish, 1967: 381. Synonymised by Bhatti, 1970: 381.

Thrips gracilis Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish, 1968: 361. Synonymised by Bhatti, 1970: 381.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Sumatra, Indonesia (T. palmi), Sudan (T. leucadophilus), India (T. gossypicola, C. aureus, T. gracilis) and Taiwan (T. clarus). Common and widespread from in the tropics and the Caribbean.


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Type information

Holotype female (T. clarus), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

Lectotype female (T. palmi), Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt.

Syntypes (T. gracilis), uncertain depositary.

Syntypes (C. aureus), Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi.