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Genus information

Teuchothrips Hood, 1919: 86. Type species Teuchothrips simplicipennis Hood, 1919, by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

Leaf-feeding, mainly from Australia.


Hood JD (1919) Two new genera and thirteen new species of Australian Thysanoptera. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 32: 75–92.

Mound LA (2008) Identification and host associations of some Thysanoptera Phlaeothripinae described from Australia pre-1930. Zootaxa 1714: 41-60. [Keys to species]


Teuchothrips acripilus (Karny, 1920)

Teuchothrips ater (Girault, 1927)

Teuchothrips badiipennis Hood, 1919

Teuchothrips brevis (Bagnall, 1924)

Teuchothrips burroughsi (Girault, 1929)

Teuchothrips capitulatus (Reyes, 1996)

Teuchothrips circinans (Karny, 1916)

Teuchothrips clavipilus (Karny, 1920)

Teuchothrips cleistanthi (Bournier, 1975)

Teuchothrips connatus (Hood, 1918)

Teuchothrips disjunctus (Hood, 1918)

Teuchothrips eugeniae Seshadri & Ananthakrishnan, 1954

Teuchothrips flavitibia (Moulton, 1940)

Teuchothrips froggatti (Bagnall, 1924)

Teuchothrips kraussi (Bournier, 1993)

Teuchothrips longiseta (Girault, 1926)

Teuchothrips longus (Schmutz, 1913)

Teuchothrips melaleucae (Girault, 1926)

Teuchothrips minor Bagnall, 1929

Teuchothrips noumeaensis Bournier, 1993

Teuchothrips ornatus Bournier, 1993

Teuchothrips pacificus (Bianchi, 1952)

Teuchothrips pedanus (Reyes, 1994)

Teuchothrips simplicipennis Hood, 1919

Teuchothrips sodalis Bagnall, 1929

Teuchothrips vicinus (Priesner, 1929)