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Genus information

Taeniothrips (Tenothrips) Bhatti, 1967: 18. Type species Taeniothrips (Tenothrips) alis Bhatti, 1967, by monotypy.

Bournieriana Bhatti, 1995: 73. Type species Taeniothrips brevis Bournier 1969, by original designation. Synonymised by zur Strassen, 2000: 29.

Gelbothrips Bhatti, 1995: 82. Type species Taeniothrips latoides Pelikan 1968, by monotypy. Synonymised by Bhatti, 2003: 4.

Ewartithrips Nakahara, 1996: 233. Type species Euthrips ehrhornii Moulton 1907, by original designation. Synonymised by Bhatti, 2003: 4.

Biology and Distribution

Originally from the Mediterranean region, introduced to most parts of the world. Associated with many species of Asteraceae.


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Tenothrips allia (Moulton, 1936)

Tenothrips anatolicus (Priesner, 1961)

Tenothrips brevis (Bournier, 1969)

Tenothrips californicus (Nakahara, 1996)

Tenothrips discolor (Karny, 1907)

Tenothrips dispar (Nakahara, 1996)

Tenothrips echii (Priesner, 1931)

Tenothrips ehrhornii (Moulton, 1907)

Tenothrips flavidus (Nakahara, 1996)

Tenothrips frici (Uzel, 1895)

Tenothrips garriguae (Bournier, 1962)

Tenothrips hilarus (zur Strassen, 1977)

Tenothrips hispanicus (Bagnall, 1921)

Tenothrips keruing Ng, Ain & Lau, 2019

Tenothrips latoides (Pelikan, 1968)

Tenothrips longirostrum (Jones, 1912)

Tenothrips ononidis (Bournier, 1962)

Tenothrips purus (Moulton, 1936)

Tenothrips reichardti (Priesner, 1926)

Tenothrips salviae (Nakahara, 1996)