Taeniothrips orionis

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Nomenclatural details

Taeniothrips orionis Treherne, 1924: 86.

Taeniothrips pingreei Moulton, 1927: 191.

Taeniothrips tahoei Moulton, 1927: 190.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Canada (T. orionis), Colorado USA (T. pingreei) and California USA (T. tahoei).


Treherne RC (1924) Thysanoptera known to occur in Canada. Canadian Entomologist 56: 82–88.

Moulton D (1927) Thysanoptera - New species and notes. Bulletin of the Brooklyn Entomological Society 22: 181–202.

Type information

Holotype male (T. pingreei, T. tahoei), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

Paratype (T. orionis), National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.