Taeniothrips eucharii

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Taeniothrips euchariae Head

Nomenclatural details

Physothrips eucharii Whetzel, 1923: 30.

Taeniothrips gracilis Moulton, 1928: 289.

Taeniothrips rohdeae Kurosawa, 1937: 273.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Bermuda (P. eucharii), Taiwan on bean flowers (T. gracilis) and Japan on Rohdea japonica (T. rohdeae).


Whetzel HH (1923) Report of the plant pathologist for the period January 1st to May 31st, 1922. (Bermuda) Board and Dept. Agric. for 1922:2832.

Moulton D (1928) New Thysanoptera from Formosa. Transactions of the Natural History Society of Formosa 18:287-328.

Kurosawa (1937) Descriptions of four new thrips in Japan. Kontyu 11: 266-275.

Type information

Holotype female (T. gracilis), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

Holotype female (T. rohdeae), Plant Quarantine service, Yokohama Custom House.