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Genus information

Streothrips Bhatti, 1971: 89. Type species Streothrips arorai Bhatti.

Biology and Distribution

An Asian genus of three described species.


Bhatti JS (1971) Studies on some aeolothripids (Thysanoptera). Oriental Insects 5: 83–90.

Ng YF & Eow LX (2012) A new species of Streothrips (Thysanoptera:Aeolothripidae) from Malaysia, with description of male and key to species. Zootaxa 3181: 56-62.


Streothrips alaris Reyes, 1994

Streothrips arorai Bhatti, 1967

Streothrips jianshuiensis Liu, Mound & Zhang, 2020

Streothrips moundi Ng & Eow, 2012