Stephanothrips occidentalis

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Stephanothrips occidentalis Head, thorax and abdominal tergites I & II [L A Mound]

Nomenclatural details

Stephanothrips occidentalis Hood & Williams, 1925: 69.

Biology and Distribution

Described from St Croix, West Indies. Recorded from Japan (Okajima, 2006). Widespread in the tropics and subtropics.


Hood (1925) New neotropical Thysanoptera collected by C.B. Williams. Psyche 32: 48-69.

Okajima S (2006) The Insects of Japan. Volume 2. The suborder Tubulifera (Thysanoptera). Fukuoka: Touka Shobo Co. Ltd. pp. 1–720.

Type information

Holotype, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.