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Genus information

Sitothrips Priesner, 1931: 127. Type species Sitothrips arabicus Priesner, 1931, by monotypy.

Astenothrips Savenko, 1941: 369. Type species Astenothrips georgicus Savenko, 1941, by monotypy. Synonymised by zur Strassen, 2000:

Biology and Distribution

Five species from Europe, Mediterranean region and Africa.


Priesner H (1931) Contribution towards a knowledge of the Thysanoptera of Egypt, IV. Bulletin de la Societe Royale entomologique d'Egypte 15: 127–131.

Savenko RF (1941) Neue thysanopteren aus Georgien. Mitt. Akad. Wiss. Georgia SSR 2(4): 369-371.

zur Strassen R (2000) Thysanopterologische Notizen (7) (Thysanoptera: Terebrantia). Entomologische Nachrichten und Berichte 44: 25–34.


Sitothrips almargeniensis Titschack, 1964

Sitothrips arabicus Priesner, 1931

Sitothrips calcaratus (Savenko, 1944)

Sitothrips izadpanahi Minaei & Mound, 2014

Sitothrips lindbergi zur Strassen, 1965