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Genus information

Sedulothrips Bagnall, 1915: 503. Type species Sedulothrips insolens Bagnall, 1915, a syonynym of vigilans Hood.

Biology and Distribution

Neotropics, fungus-feeding on dead branches.


Bagnall RS (1915) On a collection of Thysanoptera from the West Indies, with descriptions of new genera and species. Journal of the Linnean Society Zoology 32: 495–507.

Mound LA & O'Neill K (1972) Neotropical fungus-feeding Thysanoptera of the genus Sedulothrips (Phlaeothripinae). Florida Entomologist 55: 251-257.


Sedulothrips tristis Hood, 1934

Sedulothrips vigilans (Hood, 1913)