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Genus information

Scolothrips Hinds, 1902: 157. Type species Thrips sexmaculata Pergande 1891, by monotypy.

Chaetothrips Schille, 1911: 5. Type species Chaetothrips uzeli Schille, 1911, by monotypy. Synonym by Bagnall, 1914.

Biology and Distribution

Worldwide, predatory on mites.


Hinds WE (1902) Contribution to a monograph of the insects of the order Thysanoptera inhabiting North America. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 23: 79–242.

Schille F (1911) Thysanopterorum genera et species novae. Sprawozdanie Komisyi Fizyograficznej, Krakowie 45: 1-10.

Mound LA (2011) Species recognition in the genus Scolothrips (Thysanoptera, Thripidae), predators of leaf-feeding mites. Zootaxa 2797: 45-53.


Scolothrips asura Ramakrishna & Margabandhu, 1931

Scolothrips brevipilis Priesner, 1936

Scolothrips dilongicornis Han & Zhang, 1982

Scolothrips hoodi Priesner, 1950

Scolothrips lanzarotensis Priesner, 1933

Scolothrips latipennis Priesner, 1950

Scolothrips longicornis Priesner, 1926

Scolothrips moundi zur Strassen, 1993

Scolothrips ochoa Mound Tree & Goldarazena, 2010

Scolothrips pallidus (Beach, 1896)

Scolothrips quadrimaculatus Priesner, 1933

Scolothrips rhagebianus Priesner, 1950

Scolothrips sexmaculatus (Pergande, 1891)

Scolothrips takahashii Priesner, 1950

Scolothrips tenuipennis zur Strassen, 1965

Scolothrips uzeli (Schille, 1911)