Scirtothrips longipennis

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Nomenclatural details

Euthrips longipennis Bagnall, 1909: 173.

Euthrips parvus Moulton, 1911: 15.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Belgium (E. longipennis) and California USA (E. parvus). Collected from Australia (Lord Howe island).


Bagnall RS (1909) On the Thysanoptera of the Botanical Gardens, Brussels. Annals de la Societe entomologique de Belge 53: 171–176.

Moulton D (1911) Synopsis, catalogue and bibliography of North American Thysanoptera, with descriptions of new species. Technical series, USDA Bureau of Entomology 21: 1–56.

Hoddle M & Mound LA (2004) The genus Scirtothrips in Australia (Insecta, Thysanoptera, Thripidae). Zootaxa 268: 1–40.

Type information

Syntype (E. parvus), California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.