Rhipidothrips brunneus

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Nomenclatural details

Rhipidothrips brunneus Williams, 1913: 216.

Rhipidothrips cahirensis Priesner, 1932: 45.

Biology and Distribution

Widespread in Europe and Mediterranean countries, introduced to California and Western Australia. Breeding in various grasses and cereal crops.


Williams CB (1913) Records and descriptions of British Thysanoptera. Journal of Economic Entomology 8: 216-230.

Priesner H (1932) Contribution towards a knowledge of the Thysanoptera of Egypt, VII. Bulletin de la Societe Royale entomologique d'Egypte 16: 45–51.

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Type information

Holotype female (R. brunneus), Albany Museum, Grahamstown.

Syntypes (R. cahirensis), Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt.

Rhipidothrips brunneus female microptera
Rhipidothrips brunneus head
Rhipidothrips brunneus pronotum
Rhipidothrips brunneus meso- and metanotum