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Genus information

Psephenothrips Reyes, 1994: 478. Type species Psephenothrips strasseni Reyes, 1994, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

From The Philippines to Japan, presumably leaf-feeding.


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Psephenothrips aporosae Tong XL, Lau CSK & Zhao C, 2021

Psephenothrips baiheensis Wang & Lin, 2020

Psephenothrips cinnamomi Okajima, 2006

Psephenothrips cymbidas Wang & Lin, 2020

Psephenothrips eriobotryae Dang & Qiao, 2021

Psephenothrips leptoceras Okajima, 2006

Psephenothrips machili (Moulton, 1928)

Psephenothrips moundi Tyagi & Kumar, 2012

Psephenothrips strasseni Reyes, 1994