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Genus information

Psectrothrips Hood, 1937: 262. Type species Psectrothrips delostomae Hood, 1937, by monotypy.

Lacandonithrips Johansen, 1981: 163. Type species Lacandonithrips elegantis Johansen, 1981, by monotypy. Synonymised by Palmer & Mound, 1985: 186.

Quirosiella Retana, 2000: 54. Type species Quirosiella sotoi Retana, 2000, by original designation. Synonymised by Goldarazena et al, 2008: 966.

Biology and Distribution

From Central America, in flowers.


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Psectrothrips beckeri Stannard, 1951

Psectrothrips delostomae Hood, 1937

Psectrothrips elegantis (Johansen, 1981)

Psectrothrips interruptus Hood, 1957

Psectrothrips longiceps Hood, 1954

Psectrothrips palmerae Mound & Marullo, 1996

Psectrothrips spadix (Hood, 1916)