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Genus information

Liothrips (Phaenothrips) Priesner, 1968: 176. Type species Gynaikothrips daetymon Karny, 1923, by original designation.

Phenicothrips Bhatti, 1995: 107. Replacement name for Phaenothrips Priesner, but invalid because Phaenothrips is not a homonym of Phenothrips Ananthakrishnan, 1968: 128.

Biology and Distribution

From tropical Asia, leaf-feeding.


Priesner H (1968) On the genera allied to Liothrips of the Oriental fauna II (Insecta-Thysanoptera). Treubia 27: 175–285.

Bhatti JS (1995) Studies on some Phlaeothripidae (Insecta: Tubulifera). Zoology (Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology) 5: 97–110.


Phaenothrips callosae (Priesner, 1968)

Phaenothrips daetymon (Karny, 1923)

Phaenothrips eugeniae (Priesner, 1930)

Phaenothrips gracilis (Karny, 1913)

Phaenothrips inquilinus (Karny, 1915)

Phaenothrips lividipes (Priesner, 1968)

Phaenothrips siamensis (Karny, 1923)

Phaenothrips spectator (Priesner, 1968)