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Genus information

Paraleucothrips Johansen, 1983: 92. Type species Paraleucothrips minusculus Johansen, 1983

Biology and Distribution

One species only, from Central America.


Johansen RM (1983) Nuevas trips (Insecta: Thysanoptera; Terebrantia, Thripidae, Thripinae) de La Sierra Madre Oriental y del eje Volcanico Transversal de Mexico. Anales del Instituto de Biologia. Universidad Nacional de Mexico 53: 91–132.

Mound LA & Marullo R (1996) The Thrips of Central and South America: An Introduction. Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1–488.


Paraleucothrips minusculus Johansen, 1983