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Genus information

Oidanothrips Moulton, 1944: 308. Type species Oidanothrips magnus Moulton, 1944, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

Fungus-feeding species, from tropical Asia and the Pacific.


Moulton D (1944) Thysanoptera of Fiji. Occasional Papers of the Bishop Museum 17: 267–311.

Okajima S (1999 The significance of stylets length in Thysanoptera, with a revision of Oidanothrips (Phlaeothripidae), an Old World genus of large fungus-feeding species. Entomological Science 2: 265-279.


Oidanothrips enormis (Ananthakrishnan, 1969)

Oidanothrips frontalis (Bagnall, 1914)

Oidanothrips magnus Moulton, 1944

Oidanothrips malayensis Okajima, 1999

Oidanothrips maxillatus Okajima, 1999

Oidanothrips megacephalus (Ananthakrishnan, 1969)

Oidanothrips moundi Okajima, 1999

Oidanothrips nigripes Okajima, 1999

Oidanothrips sumatrensis Okajima, 1999

Oidanothrips taiwanus Okajima, 1999

Oidanothrips takasago Okajima, 1999