Nesothrips minor

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Nomenclatural details

Coenurothrips minor Bagnall, 1921: 287.

Neosmerinthothrips formosensis var. karnyi Priesner, 1935: 368.

Cryptothrips rhizophorae Girault, 1927: 2. Synonymised by Eow et al., 2016: 218.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Rodrigues (C. minor) and Java, Indonesia (N. karnyi), and Queensland Australia (C. rhizophorae). Recorded widely from Mauritius and Reunion to India, Indonesia, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Fiji and Hawaii.


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Type information

Holotype female (C. minor), The Natural History Museum, London.

Lectotype female (N. karnyi), Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt.

Syntypes female and male (C. rhizophorae), Queensland Museum, Brisbane.