Nesothrips brevicollis

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Nomenclatural details

Oedemothrips? brevicollis Bagnall, 1914: 29.

Neosmerinthothrips formosensis Priesner, 1935: 368. Synonymised by Mound, 1974: 162; see Okajima, 1990: 311.

Nesothrips atropoda Duan, Li, Yang & Yan, 1998: 58. Synonymised by Dang, Mound & Qiao (2013).

Biology and Distribution

Described from Okinawa, Luchu island, Japan (O. brevicollis) and Hookotoo, Makoo, Taiwan (N. formosensis).


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Type information

Holotype female (O. brevicollis), The Natural History Museum, London; atropoda type specimens, Baotou Landscape Research Institute, Inner Mongolia.

Lectotype female (N. formosensis), Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt.