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Genus information

Moultonia Bagnall, 1929: 199. Type species Dolerothrips geijerae Moulton 1927, by monotypy.

Moultonides Kevan, 1963: 281. Replacement name for Moultonia Bagnall nec Moultonia Bolivar (Orthoptera).

Biology and Distribution

One species only, from Australia.


Bagnall RS (1929) On some new genera and species of Australian Thysanoptera (Tubulifera) with special reference to gall-species. Marcellia 25(1928): 184–204.

Kevan DK (1963) A note on the Borneacridinae (Orth. Acridoidea). Eos (Madrid) 39: 279-283.


Moultonides geijerae (Moulton, 1927)