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Genus information

Mesicothrips Priesner, 1952: 190. Type species Mesicothrips plicans Priesner, 1952, by monotypy.

Mesicothrips (Mesicothripoides) Ananthakrishnan, 1967: 236. Type species Mesicothrips (Mesicothripoides) inquilinus Ananthakrishnan, 1967, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

Two species only, from India.


Priesner H (1952) On some new genera and species of Thysanoptera from the Oriental region. Indian Journal of Entomology 13: 183–200.

Ananthakrishnan TN (1967) New Indian Thysanoptera. Annals de la Societe entomologique de France 3: 227–237.


Mesicothrips inquilinus Ananthakrishnan, 1967

Mesicothrips plicans Priesner, 1952