Megalurothrips distalis

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Megalurothrips distalis.jpg

Nomenclatural details

Taeniothrips distalis Karny, 1913: 122.

Physothrips brunneicornis Bagnall, 1916: 218.

Taeniothrips infernalis Priesner, 1938: 472.

Taeniothrips morosus Priesner, 1938: 476.

Taeniothrips ditissimus Ananthakrishnan & Jagadish, 1966: 250.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Japan (T. distalis, P. brunneicornis), Valparai, India from coffee leaves (T. ditissimus) and Sumatra, Indonesia (T. infernalis, T. morosus). T. morosus recorded from Java, Krakatau and India from Tephrosia, Canavallia, Desmodium and Dolichos sp.


Karny H (1913) Thysanoptera von Japan. Archiv für Naturgeschichte 79: 122–128.

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Ananthakrishnan TN & Jagadish A (1966) Coffee and tea infesting thrips from Anamalai (S. India) with description of two new species of Taeniothrips Serville. Indian Journal of Entomology 28: 250–257.

Type information

Holotype (P. brunneicornis), The Natural History Museum, London.

Holotype (T. distalis), Humboldt University Museum, London.

Syntype (T. ditissimus), unknown depositary.