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Genus information

Ophthalmothrips Karny, 1920: 38. Type species Ophthalmothrips argus Karny, 1920, by monotypy.

Macrophthalmothrips Karny, 1922: 34. Replacement name for Ophthalmothrips Karny nec Ophthalmothrips Hood, 1919.

Biology and Distribution

Associated with recently dead branches in the wet tropics. Mostly Neotropical and Pacific species.


Karny H (1920) Nova Australska Thysanoptera, jez nashbiral Mjöberg. Casopis Ceskoslovenské spolecnosti entomologiscké 17: 35–44.

Karny H (1922) Zorapteren aus Süd-Sumatra. Treubia 3: 14–37.

Mound LA (1972) Tropical fungus-feeding Thysanoptera of the genus Macrophthalmothrips. Journal of Entomology (B) 41: 77-88.


Macrophthalmothrips allops Hood, 1954

Macrophthalmothrips argus (Karny, 1920)

Macrophthalmothrips diasi Hood, 1949

Macrophthalmothrips femoralis Hood, 1942

Macrophthalmothrips flavafemora Moulton, 1947

Macrophthalmothrips gracilis Moulton, 1944

Macrophthalmothrips heinzei Mound, 1972

Macrophthalmothrips helenae Hood, 1934

Macrophthalmothrips hemipteroides (Priesner, 1921)

Macrophthalmothrips kiesteri Mound, 1987

Macrophthalmothrips neocaledonensis Bournier, 1997

Macrophthalmothrips pacholatkoi Pelikan, 2003

Macrophthalmothrips quadricolor Karny, 1923

Macrophthalmothrips splendidus Ananthakrishnan, 1968

Macrophthalmothrips usingeri Moulton, 1942

Macrophthalmothrips williamsi Hood, 1925