Machatothrips antennatus

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Nomenclatural details

Adiaphorothrips antennatus Bagnall, 1915: 594.

Cnestrothrips dammermani Priesner, 1932: 344. Synonymised by Palmer & Mound, 1978.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Sarawak, Malaysia (A. antennatus) and Rias island, Indonesia (C. dammermani). Distributed between Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.


Bagnall RS (1915) Brief descriptions of new Thysanoptera. VI. Annals and Magazine of Natural History (8)15: 588–597.

Priesner H (1932) Thysanopteren aus dem Belgischen Congo. Revue de Zoologie et Botanique Africaine. 22(3): 320–344.

Palmer JM & Mound LA (1978) Nine genera of fungus-feeding Phlaeothripidae (Thysanoptera) from the Oriental Region. Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Entomology 37: 153–215.

Type information

Lectotype female (A. antennatus), The Natural History Museum London.

Holotype female (C. dammermani), Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt.