Liothrips (Liothrips) caryae

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Nomenclatural details

Phloeothrips caryae Fitch, 1857: 127.

Liothrips caryae floridensis Watson, 1916: 130.

Liothrips dendropogonis Watson, 1938: 14.

Biology and Distribution

Described from Florida USA (L. floridensis, L. dendropogonis) and New York USA (P. caryae).


Fitch A (1856) The Hickory Thrips, Phloeothrips caryae. Transactions of the New York State Agricultural Society 16: 445.

Watson JR (1916) New Thysanoptera from Florida III. Entomological News 27: 126–133.

Watson JR (1938) A new Liothrips from Spanish moss. Florida Entomologist 21: 14–15.

Type information

Holotype female (L. dendropogonis), Florida State Collection of Arthropods, Gainesville.