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Genus information

Thrips (Limothrips) Haliday, 1836: 444. Type species Thrips (Limothrips) cerealium Haliday, 1836, by subsequent designation, Westwood, 1838: 46.

Pruthiella Shumser Singh, 1942: 117. Type species Limothrips angulicornis Jablonowski 1894, by monotypy. Synonym by Priesner, 1949.

Albertothrips Shumser Singh, 1942 - nomen nudum - error for Pruthiella.

Biology and Distribution

European species, living on Poaceae.


Haliday AH (1836) An epitome of the British genera in the Order Thysanoptera with indications of a few of the species. Entomological Magazine 3: 439–451.

Westwood JO (1838) Thysanoptera, pp 45-46 in Synopsis of the genera of British Insects 158pp in Westwood JO (1840) An introduction to the modern classification of insects. 587pp. Spottiswoode, London.

Minaei K, Aleosfoor M, Alichi M & Alavi J (2018) Grass-living genus Limothrips (Thysanoptera:Thripidae) in Iran with a new record and key to Iranian species. Zoology and Ecology.


Limothrips angulicornis Jablonowski, 1894

Limothrips cerealium (Haliday, 1836)

Limothrips clarus Solowiow, 1924

Limothrips consimilis Priesner, 1926

Limothrips denticornis (Haliday, 1836)

Limothrips schmutzi Priesner, 1919

Limothrips serotina Targioni-Tozzetti, 1891

Limothrips transcaucasicus Savenko, 1944