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Genus information

Leptothrips Hood, 1909: 249. Type species Cryptothrips aspersus Hinds 1902, by monotypy; synonym of Phloeothrips mali Fitch.

Biology and Distribution

New World genus, species predatory.


Hood JD (1909) A new genus and a new species of North American Phloeothripidae (Thysanoptera). Entomological News 20: 249–252.

Johansen RM (1987) El genero Leptothrips Hood, 1909 (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripidae) en el continente Americano: su sistematica, filogenia, biogeografia, bilogia, conducta y ecologia. Monografias del Instituto de Biologia, Universidad Nacional de Mexico 3: 1–246.

Mound LA & O’Donnell, C.A (2017) Predation, phytophagy and character state confusion among North American species of the genus Leptothrips (Thysanoptera: Phlaeothripinae). Zootaxa 4294 (3): 301-315.


Leptothrips astutus Johansen, 1978

Leptothrips cassiae (Watson, 1920)

Leptothrips cognatopini Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips columbianus Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips costalimai Johansen, 1974

Leptothrips distalis (Hood, 1925)

Leptothrips fasciculatus (Crawford DL, 1909)

Leptothrips garciaaldreti Johansen & Mojica, 1993

Leptothrips gracilis Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips heliomanes Hood, 1927

Leptothrips jamaicaensis Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips larreae Hood, 1939

Leptothrips longicapitis Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips macroocellatus Watson, 1913

Leptothrips mali (Fitch, 1855)

Leptothrips mcconelli (Crawford DL, 1910)

Leptothrips minusculus Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips obesus Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips occidentalis Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips opimus Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips oribates Hood, 1939

Leptothrips papago Hood, 1939

Leptothrips pini (Watson, 1915)

Leptothrips purpuratus (Hood, 1925)

Leptothrips singularis Hood, 1941

Leptothrips tenuiceps Hood, 1950

Leptothrips trinitatensis Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips vittipennis Hood, 1938

Leptothrips yaqui Johansen, 1987

Leptothrips zongolicaensis Johansen, 1974