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Genus information

Konothrips Bhatti, 1990: 196. Type species Chirothrips tuttleyi Strassen 1967, by monotypy.

Biology and Distribution

From southern USA, in florets of Poaceae.


Bhatti JS (1990) On some genera related to Chirothrips (Insecta: Terebrantia: Thripidae). Zoology (Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology) 2: 193–200.

Nakahara S & Foottit RG (2012) Review of Chirothrips and related genera (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) of the Americas, with one new genus and four new species. Zootaxa 3251: 1-29.


Konothrips colei Nakahara & Foottit, 2012

Konothrips polychaeta Goldarazena, Mitchell & Hance, 2017

Konothrips tuttlei (zur Strassen, 1967)