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Genus information

Klambothrips Mound & Morris, 2007: 39. Type species Klambothrips myopori Mound & Morris, 2007 by original designation.

Biology and Distribution

Australian species and one species from California are placed in this genus.


Mound LA & Morris DC (2007) A new pest of Myoporum cultivars in California, in a new genus of leaf-galling Australian Phlaeothripidae (Thysanoptera). Zootaxa 1495: 33–45.

Cameron SL & Mound LA (2014) Trans-Bass Strait speciation and trans-Pacific dispersal in the Myoporum thrips (Thysanoptera, Phlaeothripinae). Austral Entomology 53: 36-41.


Klambothrips adelaideae Cameron & Mound, 2014

Klambothrips annulosus (Priesner, 1928)

Klambothrips myopori Mound & Morris, 2007

Klambothrips oleariae Mound & Morris, 2007

Klambothrips walsinghami (Girault, 1928)