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Genus information

Kakothrips Williams, 1914: 248. Type species Physopus robusta Uzel 1895, by monotypy, synonym of Thrips pisivorus Westwood, 1880; see Collins, 2010.

Prometheothrips Savenko, 1941: 370. Type species Prometheothrips ungulatus Savenko, 1941, by monotypy. Synonym by zur Strassen, 1996

Biology and Distribution

European genus, in flowers.


Williams CB (1914) Kakothrips n.gen., a division of the genus Frankliniella (Thysanoptera). The Entomologist 247-248.

Collins DW (2010) Thysanoptera of Great Britain: A revised and updated checklist. Zootaxa 2412: 21–41.


Kakothrips acanthus Berzosa, 1994

Kakothrips borberae Marullo & Ravazzi, 2016

Kakothrips dentatus Knechtel, 1939

Kakothrips dolosus Berzosa, 1994

Kakothrips firmoides Priesner, 1932

Kakothrips pisivorus (Westwood, 1880)

Kakothrips priesneri Pelikan, 1965

Kakothrips priesnerorum Bournier, 1971