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Genus information

Horistothrips Morgan, 1913: 36. Type species Horistothrips australiae Morgan, 1913, by monotypy.

Aspidothrips Karny, 1920: 38. Type species Aspidothrips platygaster Karny, 1920, by monotypy. Synonymised by Mound & Houston, 1987: 15.

Biology and Distribution

Includes species from Australia and the Oriental region.


Morgan AC (1913) New genera and species of Thysanoptera with notes on distribution and food plants. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 46: 1–55.

Karny H (1920) Nova Australska Thysanoptera, jez nashbiral Mjöberg. Casopis Ceskoslovenské spolecnosti entomologiscké 17: 35–44.

Mound LA (2008) Identification and host associations of some Thysanoptera Phlaeothripinae described from Australia pre-1930. Zootaxa 1714: 41-60.


Horistothrips australiae Morgan, 1913

Horistothrips claruspilus Moulton, 1944

Horistothrips magnafemora Moulton, 1944

Horistothrips palidispinosus Steinweden & Moulton, 1930

Horistothrips platygaster (Karny, 1920)